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The soul of sacred music

Annibal Gantez’s epic
  • Annibal Gantez’s epic

    6-voice Missa Vigilate (1643) - Letters


    Vox Cantoris ensemble,

    Jean-Christophe Candau


    Marie Christine Barrault, reciting


    VERSION TELECHARGEMENT DSD64 (2,8 Mhz) : Fichiers .dff


    Rated 5 by Diapason, March 2009 “CD of the month” Radio Notre-Dame, February 2009


    This exceptional programme unites the Vigilate Mass for six Voices by Annibal Gantez (1643), interpreted by the Vox Cantoris ensemble, with the most beautiful letters written by Gantez, Chapel Master of the 17th Century, recited by Marie-Christine Barrault.


    The “Entretien des Musiciens” (Musicians’ Interview), a collection of letters by Annibal Gantez, is the work for which he is well-known. His letters are in turn full of wisdom, humour and earthliness, and Gantez provides a snapshot of the musical situation in 17th century France, and of musicians at the time of Louis XIII and Louis XIV.


    But it is a true masterpiece of Baroque sung art which the Vox Cantoris ensemble discovered through this Vigilate, never before recorded. The six voices of the ensemble use the whole range of the human voice in rich and subtle harmonies, full of contrasts.


    This alliance of music and writing is a feast for the ears which not only moves the heart but is also a treat for the mind.


    1 - Avertissement aux chantres 1'37

    2 - Kyrie, Messe Vigilate 8'14

    3 - Lettre LIII "Il vaut mieux peu et bon" 5'39

    4 - Gloria, Messe Vigilate 6'16

    5 - Lettre XXXV "Vicarier" 5'23

    6 - Credo, Messe Vigilate 11'57

    7 - Lettre XXXIII "musique et philosophie" 3'41

    8 - Sanctus, Messe Vigilate 4'02

    9 - Lettre XXXVII "La douceur" 5'20

    10 - Agnus Dei, Messe Vigilate 3'43

    11 - Lettre XXXI "Un général d'armée" 7'23

    12 - Domine salvum fac Regem 1'49

    13 - Ode a Gantez 3'03


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    • Media

      5: “Superb, magnificent rendition” Diapason, March 2009


      • “The perfect acoustic harmony! Performers have met their inspirer’s expectations: carrying the soul to God!” Marie-Aude Labatide, Remusica, May 2009


      • “A delight for the senses” Charles DiMeglio, Muse Baroque, June 2009


      • “A magnificent beauty” Artistic score: 18/20; Technical score: 18/20. Yves Marzio, Hifi Video, September 2009

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