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Hi-Res Audio FAQ


Why should I purchase downloads of Hi-Res Audio records?

Records available to download in Hi-Res Audio have a far superior sound quality with respect to the usual CD, limited by the 16 bits 44 khz format. High quality sound downloads open unlimited bandwidth, extreme transparency and musicality that preserve the full emotion, expressivity and the constitution of the recording.


On which device can I read download files?

Files that are available to Hi-Res Audio download can be read by any audio system with a DAC converter compatible with the download format. Most current DACs are compatible with the 24 bits 192 khz format, and more and more tend to accept the DSD format. The latter does exist in DSD64 -2.8 Mhz), DSD128 (5.6 Mhz), DSD256 (10.2 Mhz) and even beyond.

Files available to download are compatible with all audio streaming software accepting the chosen format, and with all computers available on the market.


What is the difference between 24 bits 192 khz, DXD and DSD formats?

The first difference consists in the file format. A bit-quantified file such as a 24 bit 192 khz download, or DXD (24 bits 352 khz) exists in the .WAV format. A DSD file (DSD64, DSD128, DSD256) is available in the .DFF format.


Without going too much in depth on the difference in design and digitization of these two formats, respectively called PCM and DSD 1 bit, we highlight that the albums available at Psalmus are qualitatively better in sound and musicality with the DSD format. Indeed, they are only available in this format provided that the master itself was recorded in DSD.


In terms of quality ordering, DSD256 appears to be the best, followed by the DSD128, and then by DSD64. The latter and the DXD format (24 bits 352 khz) are even. Then come the other 24 bits formats, the 24 bits 192 khz being better than the 24 bits 96 khz.


Is the sound significantly better?

Psalmus guarantees that the resolution of downloads available on the website do never exceed the master record resolution. There is no such thing as artificial oversampling, that would not carry any contribution to the sound, and would only be marketing cheap talk.


In order to allow the best compatibility with your system, Psalmus offers multi-format downloads. For instance, a DSD256-recorded master will be offered in this very format, but also in inferior formats, such as DSD128, DSD64, DXD, 24 bits 192 khz).


By choosing the highest format, you are guaranteed to have the master record sound quality at your disposal. By choosing lower formats, you ensure that the audio streaming will be compatible with your system, if it was not accepting the master format.


Regarding sound quality, despite our care and use of the most advanced equipment and software, the CD does not fully capture the master recording sound quality.


Our downloads are thus always offered in a superior sound quality than available on a physical CD. It is especially in terms of natural and blatancy that the Hi-Res Audio formats have an edge. It is possible to finally listen to music, being overwhelmed by emotion, while enjoying a full sound that places us right in front of the work.


Is the CD booklet provided with the download?

Absolutely, we provide a PDF edition of the CD booklet, as well as the CD front cover visual.


What is the data volume to download?

Depending on recordings and formats, the amount of data to be downloaded varies between 2 and 12 Go.


What happens once the download has been purchased?

Once your order has been made, you will receive a confirmation of order, as well as a PDF document describing the purchased download.


Once your order has been validated, you will receive by email a secure link to download the files. You will also receive an additional email providing you with the password necessary once you have clicked on the download link. 


The downloading link is valid for a duration of one month.




If you have any question or inquiry, please contact

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