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The soul of sacred music

Byzantium chant
  • Byzantium chant

    Volume 1 : The Holy Week


    Frédéric Tavernier-Vellas


    The great and holy week, which ends with the feast of Easter, is the period of orthodox liturgy for which Byzantine composers have developed the richest poetical and musical heritage through the centuries.


    This new CD by Frédéric Tavernier-Vellas takes us through these holy days which culminate with the death of Christ on the cross on Good Friday, with a choice of hymns of rare beauty, like icons of sound which open doors to the mysteries of holy passions.


    Frédéric Tavernier-Vellas masters this repertoire perfectly with a warm and radiant tone of voice, registering him in the great tradition of psaltes from Constantinople.


    1 - Allilouïa 5’26

    2 - Voici l’époux qui vient 8’25

    3 - Les saintes Passions 2’24

    4 - Ta chambre nuptiale 3’25

    5 - Alors qu’il s’avançait vers sa passion, le Seigneur 4’12

    6 - Le conseil de l’impiété, Sauveur 4’05

    7 - La prostituée s’approcha de toi 3’18

    8 - Seigneur, la femme qui était tombée 10’49

    9 - Ils ont arraché mes vêtements 3’15

    10 - En ce jour, est suspendu à la croix 7’00

    11 - Lumière joyeuse 4’55


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      • “A repertoire of a cappella polyphonic hymns of rare beauty” Yves Marzio, Hifi Video, January 2010

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