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The soul of sacred music

Claudin de SERMISY: Saint Matthew Passion (1534)
  • Claudin de SERMISY: Saint Matthew Passion (1534)

    Gregorian psalms


    Les Chantres du Thoronet,

    Damien Poisblaud


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    Gregorian chant certainly finds its most accomplished expression in what is called the Offertory anthem. This musical meditation of psalms conceals treasures of invention that attest to the level of excellence that liturgical chant managed to achieve in the Middle Ages. But even if genius is present here in every note, the taste that these melodies leave in the soul remains a unique experience.


    1 - Recordare 4’46

    2 - Benedixisti 6’01

    3 - Benedicite gentes 12’43

    4 - Benedicam Dominum 8’46

    5 - Perfice gressus 8’18

    6 - Domine in auxilium 5’31

    7 - Deus Deus meus 7’39

    8 - Meditabor 6’56

    9 - Illumina 5’10

    10 - Iubilate Deo 12’25


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      • “The six singers gather in a carnal sound, that wonderfully restores the sensuality and clarity of the tones” Guillaume Bunel, Diapason, May 2018


      • “These polyphonies are of the highest beauty. They are typical of Sermisy in their clarity and the efforts made to keep the text understandable. It takes all the craft of of a truly great composer to manage in such a way diversifying a musical discourse, subject to such a tight constraint. The transparent sound record leaves voices very expressive.” Hervé Pennven, La Nef, April 2019

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